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Next time you shop online, sign up for an account instead of checking out as a guest. Already have an account? You’re already a member! You can view your details in your online wallet
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Simply provide staff your name and phone number with your next purchase. You’ll receive a text message within 24 hours to complete the sign-up process. Once complete, you can earn rewards in-store by providing a team member with your name and/or the last 4 digits of the phone number you signed up with.
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Not only do our members receive exclusive perks, we’ll keep in you in the loop about promotions and other exciting things happening at Pop’s. As a way to welcome you to our membership, you’ll receive 15% off the next time you shop with us. You can redeem it online or in store by showing a staff member you’ve clicked ‘redeem reward’ in your Pop’s Culture Club online wallet.
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You earn 10 points for every time you shop at a Pop’s Cannabis shop or online – it’s that simple.

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200 points

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